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Ctrl+C in IE
For everyone who says “IE is just as good as Mozilla” when I try to insist that people should learn to use more than just Internet Explorer… here you go…another example of a security issue with that browser-

If you have IE and you copy something (for example a password) and it is still on your clipboard (message me if you don’t know what the clipboard is) then you are at risk UNLESS you explicitly disable pasting via scripting. Check out the above link for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Fortunately, the fix for this is also quite simple:
1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security
2. Click on Custom Level.
3. In the security settings, click to Disable the ..Allow Paste Operations via Script… That will keep your clipboard contents private.

1. No worries for MAC users (alright, stop gloating)
2. No worries for Mozilla/Firefox users (I’ll stop smiling too)
3. No worries for Opera users (not sure any of you use this one but it’s a good alternative also)

Peace and safe surfing!

Update: This has been fixed in IE7

Apple gamers at their finest. Don’t get your panties all up in a knot people…at the root it is funny…

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