I sincerely wished I had a video of my Thanksgiving this year. I was/am sick with a nasty cold so the camping trip that Charlie and were planning to go on got nixed. Also, now that we are both out for the count, we are unable to go to Orlando to visit Charlie’s family. So, instead of try to cook something, we decided to stop by my grandmother’s Thanksgiving dinner (can you really call it dinner if it is 2pm in the afternoon?) for some turkey and trimmings.

Well, can you believe that at 27 I was regulated to the kiddie table. I had just moved up to the adult table recently but since there was company coming over (my grandmother’s new beau) my sister, Charlie and I had to sit at a makeshift table. It was classic. And only then did I remember how much better the kid table can be compared to the adult table.

While adults discussed long dead actors and the state of the union. We “kids” tried to figure out how best to change the subject. When biological warfare came up – I eagerly changed the subject to the something more bland like the weather. When the “we don’t like the French” topic came up – I called the person simple minded and they quickly back peddled to a chorus of ums and ahs.

In previous years, I would have been shushed quickly and scoffed for being young. But – no, this time my grandmother encouraged me to speak out and give them a piece of my mind. Of course, I was slow to respond. Being hopped up on meds caused me to pause and think for a moment before I opened my big mouth. And I wondered what exactly had been going on in the geriatric and young adult population to turn the tide since last Thanksgiving? I was in no mood to discuss these things at what is supposed to be the “let’s love the family” dinner. We missed saying Grace, and do you know who my grandmother apologized to for this? Me.

So I say, hoorah! for the kiddie table. Although some of you may have found your way to the adult table this year: keep in mind that you can put the kids in another room at another table…but you can’t keep the kids down. It has been and will always be THE table to be at.

Oh and to put an even bigger spin on this whirlwind of a Thanksgiving (remember I was on many meds) on his way out, my grandmother’s beau said, “Happy Thanksgiving to you, your husband and your daughter.” Interesting how things appear to the senile but I salute you as I watch the passing of the torch in 3-D.

For the Nickelodeon Generation.

Meet Chester

My Apartment Map
Combines apartment listings with Google Maps to form a completely new way to find apartments – by location!

I just wish it had more locations but perhaps it will take off like Craigslist did and then there will be tons! :o)

From site- is a Web 2.0 application that uses Google Maps and Craigslist to create a unique way to find apartments. Several times a day apartments are downloaded, archived and then plotted onto a map. The apartments are group by greater metropolitan areas and can then be broken down into a specific suburb of that city.

In case you couldn’t tell :o) I spend most of my “free time” searching the web. I fully admit I should be doing other things like working on my thesis (thank you Amanda et al I know, I know) but instead I search the web. I have also stated, in public that it is an addiction. There are times when I debate if I should blog a video I have seen or a new site that I think is helpful or funny or even just memorable. I’ve been collecting a few but when I throw the cards up on the ceiling these two stick. So I give you a Dance, Monkeys, Dance and Old Grandma Hardcore – Video 15:

Dance, Monkeys, Dance
Let’s bring it down to basics, we are all really just animals, monkeys to be exact.

Old Grandma Hardcore – Video 15
Game on!

Hello everyone!
I recently checked the Google labs to see what’s cooking and found that Google has seen the way of the future. For all of you beginning web design people…close your ears, er eyes. For all the vet design people out there, shrug it off…it’s not like everyone creating a site with the Page Creator can add much interactivity and hand made personalization …….yet.

For everyone else who wants to create a web page but thinks they need to know a bunch of HTML….read on! No HTML needed!

In Beta
Google Page Creator!

Also Google Sets!
List some items and Google will tell you some more! I tried books of the Bible to see what it does.

Disclaimer – You need a gmail account and a cell phone with text messaging. I have neither one…yes, I know I live in the Stone Age because my phone doesn’t accept text messages. As such, I have not tested it out but it looks pretty good. I refuse to get a gmail account….it’s too spooky and invasive to me…but that’s just me :o) Plenty of people have them and use gmail every day. You needed a junk mail account anyways, right?!¬† Perhaps I’ll open one just to use as a junk mail¬† account and test it out. :o)

Meet Norman…he’s just like every other dog except for one thing…he was born different. He’s a dog that moos…He’s not strange he’s just born different

My number 11 would be “Dracula Dead and Loving It”…

Without further ado…Here are 10 Very Bad Movies…. – Home of the Golden Raspberry Awards (wiki)

You got Song’d Game
In Flash and brought to you by Jack in the Box. :o)
Name that tune and answer some trivia while you’re at it…

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