Well out of all things to blog about I suppose a wedding is something you would see coming from me. And mind you, this ain’t your aunt’s wedding tale…it’s a Disney Wedding Tale…with all the Disney music, characters and two finger pointing included. So sit back and enjoy some glimpses into the spectacle of a $75K Disney dream wedding. (That’s my best guess at a ballpark total)

Time: 6:00pm
Charlie and I realize that we failed to plan on a place to change. After making a few phone calls, we realize that our friends and family actually do more than we thought on a Saturday. We put plan B into full gear and make our quick change in the TravelLodge bathrooms. Classy!

Time: 6:40pm
We are waived through the parking kiosk and head right, toward the Disney Wedding Pavillion. For those of you surprised to see that I was on time, keep in mind, this was a combination of two of my favorite things: Disney and Weddings.

Time: 6:55pm
After realizing that I really knew none of her family and all of my friends were in the Bridal party, I snap a few photos for posterity sake and to kill some time.

Disney Wedding1
Notice how religious friendly Disney is! Everything was adorned with double rings. I bet they even allow gay weddings here.

The moulding had hearts intwined in a thicket of vines. Through the back window you could see Cinderella’s Castle. There was also an arch that you could take pictures under which was strategically placed to have the castle in the background too.

Pew Marker Disney
Very Cute Pew Markers!
Inside of each was a mini-Cinderella and mini mice. Gus Gus is hanging off the back which has a spinkle of crystals, I suppose to look like rain or something. These pew markers eventually made their way over as the centerpieces in the reception. They were very beautiful.

On a note of etiquette. It was nice to have ushers who seat the women on their respective sides. No one had to question if they were on the right side, but then again, I really not sure how that really matters… All guests were also brought down the sides of the aisle and the actually aisles were “roped” off with white tule.

Time: 7:12pm
The Groomsman in tails, canes and top hats come down the aisle to wait for the Bride. In typical fashion, the Bride is slow in coming out but well worth the wait.

Disney Lineup
As you can see, while the groomsmen act like 8 year olds in a school play, the groom is attentively watching for his bride. Ok, that was a bit on the yucky sappy side, but I tell’em like they is.

mini bride and groom
Waaaaaay Too Cute. The ring bearer and flower girl were dressed as mini bride and groom. This was taken on their way out because I was giggling at them the first time. I believe that this was also the first time I have even seen a flower girl actually throw the petals and not race down the aisle crying at the spectacle. Of course, to those other flower girl’s favor, most of them were under the age of 5.

Time: 7:20pm
Our first taste of the Disney magic comes when the officiant asks for the ring. The best man plays dumb and the out of no where trumpets are heralding the “Court Announcer” (really I have no idea what this guy’s name would be but that’s his new name now) who brings the ring up on a velvet pillow inside of a glass slipper.

Disney Court Announcer
Court Announcer on the right. The one in gold lame.

Time: 7:40pm
The happy couple do their thing…
Happy Couple at Disney

And the wedding ends with trumpeters heralding the occassion.

But Wait There’s More!
Time: 7:55pm
After exiting the Wedding Palace, er Pavillion, all of the guests were handed bubbles and told to line up so that the Bride and Groom may pass to their carriage. About 5 minutes later FIREWORKS shoot out from behind the building with the Bride and Groom bouncing down the aisleway through bubbles to their lit horse drawn carriage a la Cinderella pumpkin style.

carriage at disney

Time: 8:15pm
All guests make their way to the “Convention Center” for cocktails. The bar was open and free wine and beers were flowing. The cocktail hour was nothing spectacular so we’ll just get to the reception part.

Time: 9:00pm
Guests are seated and our appetizers are served. Now being a healthy sized woman, I took note of the food. (Taken from Disney Weddings site)
Everything tasted wonderful! The staff was really nice too and their two finger point when directing me to the restrooms cracked me up. Oh Disney, you brainwasher you….

glass slipper
Our glass slipper ice sculpture with a smidge of raspberry sorbet. This was GREAT because Charlie and I were about to go out for a break but one of the staff told us we should sit back down and wait a few minutes. About a minute later, the lights dimmed and “Be Our Guest” began playing while our well choreographed waiters/waitresses placed blue sparkling 7 inch glass slippers at each plate.

Disney wedding food

Appetizer (this was after the cocktail hour ones)
Beef and Kalamata Olive Salad in Phylo Cup

Medley Of Greens, Herbs and Flower Petals
tossed in a Rosewater Vinaigrette

Main Course
Angus Beef Filet paired with Maine Lobster Tail
Tarragon Emulsion, Plum Tomato, Buttered Mashed Potatoes,
Julienne Vegetables, Asparagus and Sherry Butter

Blistered Free Range Chicken Breast
with Creamy Mushroom Risotto, Wilted Greens,
Oven Dried Proscuitto and Crisp Capers

Palette Cleanser
Raspberry Champagne Sorbet
served on top of a glass slipper ice sculpture

Cinderella’s White Chocolate Slipper
Chocolate Mousse, Cream and Raspberries
Castle Silk Screen Plate

White 4 layer cake with real raspberries and butter cream icing between each layer

Time: 10:30pm-2:00am
Let the party begin! Well that about sums that up. Everything else pretty much went in true wedding style. There was a very funny moment when the Bride’s sister (who caught the bouquet) and their cousin (who caught the garter) had to do the whole stick the garter on the girl thing. Awkward but funny. At this point, Charlie reminds me of the time in Arrested Development when the boy has a crush on his cousin and pulls the same stunt, which then made me laugh harder.

All in all it was a beautiful wedding. Say what you want about Disney, but these people know how to put on a good show and party. And the Bride and Groom (Jaime and Ryan for anyone curious) are bound to live Happily Ever After!