June 2006

You got Song’d Game
In Flash and brought to you by Jack in the Box. :o)
Name that tune and answer some trivia while you’re at it…

Categories include:
Video Game Music
Party Songs
Hip Hop
Movie Themes
Spooky Songs
Love Songs

Flash drum video.

Very nicely done with interesting beats. Not quite what I think of when I imagine Japan but haunting none-the-less. The figure inside the red dot/mouth thing is kinda freaky.

If anyone has ever met my sister’s cat -Presto, you might experience a flashback..consider yourself warned….

Kritter…come here, let me pet you…

While we are on the subject of cats...

Meet Pinky

Pinky not your type...meet Bobo

Sadly, Clearwater did not make the list….but Palm Harbor University and St. Pete/Gibbs sure did! In the Top 100 to boot!

Top 1,200 high schools from MSN