July 2006

Meet Norman…he’s just like every other dog except for one thing…he was born different. He’s a dog that moos…He’s not strange he’s just born different


Am I just a bad person? I cracked up so hard at this one. The point is for these guys to not laugh at the man trying so very hard to speak English. I don’t speak the language but it really doesn’t matter. This is just one case of comedy crossing boundaries…maybe someone can translate some of the other jokes? Anyhoo…I found it on Ebaumsworld.com

Japanese Laughing Show. I dare you not to laugh.

Apple gamers at their finest. Don’t get your panties all up in a knot people…at the root it is funny…

Mac vs PC

Crazy Redneck Spoons

Net Neutrality on the Daily Show – The Internet is a series of tubes.

Ohhh, he is mad at those republicans….Rep. Markey On Net Neutrality June 8, 2006

And let’s try to make this fair and balanced…PBS NOW on Net Neutrality

PBS NOW Part 2

Seriously, when MoveOn.org and the “Gun Owners of America” are both on the same side…anyone arguing the opposite HAS to be beyond nuts or just plain greedy in this situation.

My number 11 would be “Dracula Dead and Loving It”…

Without further ado…Here are 10 Very Bad Movies….

www.razzies.com – Home of the Golden Raspberry Awards (wiki)

Personality Quiz that is free and fun. Innovative question answering techniques….very different made me think about my answers

My Personal Dna Report

Attentive Leader

ps- anyone posting on myspace or livejournal will need to get the HTML verison of their results to post….this has been a public service announcement….