August 2012

I like it when grounded reality meets up with virtual reality. A reference to a “viral” Stanley Kubrick homage video came across my Facebook stream today. It is very appropriate considering the topic from today’s Interactive Storytelling lecture was Giotto, Cimabue and perspective in storytelling.

Clickie to view the video – Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

The video highlights the consistency of one-point perspectives within the frame of Kubrick movies. Much like Campbell’s hero’s journey, Freytag’s pyramid and Aristotle’s dramatic arc, these are quintessential elements of storytelling.


Possible Tools

Game and Event Site
Created using: Google site
Phone Application Needed: Web browser

Storyboarding/Project Management
For game makers to use in developing clues
Trello – Workboard/Storyboard/Project Management
Phone Application Needed: N/A

Use-case Scenario diagram, flow-chart, mapping and modeling tools
Lucidchart – Free Google document type. (cloud-based, advance features cost $ but the most common stuff is free)
Visual Paradigm (UML) – (download/install) community license is free for students
Violet – (download/install)  free for students

Create using: Adobe Premiere or Captivate
Phone Application Needed: YouTube

Create using: Adobe Premiere or SoundCloud
FreePlayMusic – Royalty Free Music
Phone Application Needed: Speakers

QR Codes
Create using: Adobe Photoshop
Phone Application Needed: ScanLife

Augmented Reality
Create using: Adobe Photoshop, 3D model (Maya, 3D Studio, Blender, Rhino ?), Illustrator
ARToolKit – Augmented Reality Toolkit. Software library for building AR applications.
Phone Application Needed: Augmented Reality App (Layar-Both, Andar-Android, Viewar-iOS)

Andar – Can be used by teams to view Android Augmented Reality (beta, GNU)
String – iOS Augmented Reality (1 free marker)
Viewar – iOS Augmented Reality (you get an entire channel)
Layar – Both Android and iOS Augmented Reality (free use but includes ads)
Tagwhat – Mobile tour guide of the world
Stiktu – Augmented reality (Both Android and iOS) – Could use this to scan an image in a magazine or book and put some augmented reality stickers over it.
Google Field Trip – Calls up historical facts about the location you are near.

Create using: Adobe Photoshop
Inkscape – Open source vector graphics software
GimpShop – Open-source picture editing software
Phone Application Needed: SCVNGR

Wayfaring – Can be used by game makers as map making tool
Phone Application Needed: Wayfaring

Media Sharing
MuveeCloud – Can be used by teams to consolidate photos taken throughout the event. Only requires email.
Phone Application Needed: MuveeCloud OR Email

Pixton or Comics Sketch – Can be used by game makers as clue medium
Phone Application Needed: N/A

For game makers to use as part of a clue or introduction to a task
Toonloop – Live, stop motion animation
iStop Motion – Stop motion (iOS only)
Phone Application Needed: N/A

Narrative  & Interactive Storytelling Tools
Storybird – Create short stories and print them
Inklewriter – Write and publish interactive stories
Story Plot Generator – Guide to creating an initial story outline

Phone Application Needed: N/A


Game Information

Project: Midnight Madness 2012 (Carpe le what?)
Event Locations: Gainesville and Tampa Bay, Florida
Event Dates: TBD
Event Facilitators: TBD

Game Description: Point-system race and digital scavenger hunt. Single day worth of challenge with 10 locations and  50 tasks. Solve challenges, scavenge items, augment reality, get social and cause mayhem. Many of the tasks will require players to take photos, videos or sounds. Some may require players to submit text based answers. Team at the end of the day with the most points wins.

General Rule: If the teams for my project have to use it, it will need a mobile application

Required Items

  1. Team themed shirt – Colors have been assigned but feel free to embellish
  2. Good attitude – Don’t waste our time. If you don’t want to play fair, don’t play at all.
  3. A Flashlight – With batteries or just download the flashlight app
  4. A Brain – Eye no it will bee tuff four sum of u, butt due you’re best.
  5. A smartphone with an internet connection – At least one person on your team should have an unlimited data plan. This person/phone should be in charge of taking all media as the team will be uploading pictures, videos and sounds throughout the game. Note: At least 1GB free space should be available for videos. It is advised to backup videos to another device or upload to the cloud.
  6. Applications – Install the applications listed below. Is there an app for installing apps?
  7. A Car (with gas!) – Don’t be cheap, help throw some bones at the car owner if you can.
  8. A Fearless Mind and Soul – All participants must be ready and willing to perform a scene from the musical HAIR at any point throughout the game.
  9. An understanding – Midnight Madness has absolutely no connection with any person, place or thing (living or dead) and that everything done during this fun-filled night will be perfectly legal and at the same time perfectly insane.
  10. Team Unity – Your team members are your best friends for the night.

Get Prepared!

Applications to find, download and install  & Accounts to create BEFORE arriving:

  • Email – Ability to send email messages
  • Camera – For both still photos and videos
  • YouTube – Download application, create account, follow Midnight Madness. Used to upload and view videos.
  • SCVNGR – Download application, create account and search for Midnight Madness 2012. Used as main hunt map, to answer questions and to upload photos.
  • SoundCloud – Download application, create account and follow Midnight Madness. Used to record and share sounds.
  • Facebook or Google+ – Used as part of a clue
  • TBD – QR Code reader
  • TBD – Augmented reality reader

Sample Task List

Taken from Freelancer Scavenger Hunt:

  • Create and upload a logo for your team to SCVNGR [10 pts]
  • Create a theme song for your team. Make sure it encompasses your team theme. Upload an on-the-spot music video of it to YouTube.
  • Record your team’s efforts throughout the scavenger hunt on video. Cut it down to 2 minutes with music and upload to YouTube before the hunt ends.
  • YGNNF QPGAQ WXGUQ NXGFV JKUEJ CNNGP IGKVY CUPVV JCVFK HHKEW NVVJQ WIJYJ AFQPV AQWVT ACJCT FGTET ARVQS WGUVK QPVQU GGJQY GNGGV AQWTG CNNAC TGVJG OCIKE YQTFU CTGHN WHHAD WPPA YGNNF QPGAQ WXGUQ (welld oneyo uveso lvedt hisch allen geitw asntt hatdi fficu lttho ughwh ydont youtr yahar dercr yptoq uesti ontos eehow eleet youre allya rethe magic words arefl uffyj unny)
  • Make up a record for the Guinness Book of Records and break it. Submit video for proof.
  • Record a reenactment of the moon landing and upload it to YouTube.
  • Create your own dictatorship with loyal minions. Get them to do calisthenics. [1 pt per person working out in the video — max 100 points]
  • Wikipedia needs money, and frankly they deserve it, because they’ve been writing your essays since 2008. However, Jimmy Wales’ personal appeal freaked us out a little bit. Help him out. Create an ad that’s a little less, how should we say… awkward… and a little more about how Wikipedia has touched every one of us. [20 points]
  • I don’t always ________, but when I do, I ___________ [10 points]
  • Over-engineering can be bad at work, but it can also be really funny. Build the most extravagant Rube Goldberg machine you can. It must include your team logo. [50 points if it works and we’re impressed!]
  • I was using my phone in bed and dropped it on my face #firstworldproblems. Record a video of your funniest #firstworldproblems and upload it to Youtube. [20 points, +10 if you make us laugh and +20 points if you can get over 1,000 views]
  • Origami paper cranes are beautiful. Take a photo of them in their natural habitat. [1 point per crane — max 20 points]
  • QR Code – a QR is “broken” into pieces. The entire QR code leads to a clue.
  • Look, up in the Sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s [insert team name here]. Dress up as super heroes and do a super deed. [40 points — pics/video or it didn’t happen]
  • Create a sand sculpture of your favorite muppet. [30 points]
  • Re-enact a video game in real life. Must include power ups and a skill tree. Video please. [20 points, +50 points if played in an inappropriate place]
  • Write a fine ballad
    Like days of yore
    That tells of your exploits
    As you seek to score
    In this fine scav hunt,
    as you race against time
    I hope you’re better
    than I am at rhyme

Popular Example Scavenger Hunts