January 2007

My Event Work in New York
Hudson River Park’s 5th Annual Blues, BBQ & Fireworks Festival

Big Bill Morganfield
Deborah Coleman
Koko Taylor, et al

I was a general do-girl at this one with great help from my friend Amanda. From replacing the waters for the talent to delivering their food to crowd control – my main duty was to be sure that everyone was smiling and happy. What I remember most is when I cut apart some of the chairs to move a handicapped couple from the back “handicap” row to the 5th row. It isn’t equal treatment to stick disabled people in the back just because it is easier. They enjoyed the rest of the show with everyone else.
New York City Marathon
I’m working in the main van at the New York City Marathon. We were in charge of the meet up at the end of the marathon, but by the time that all of the marathoners were back in Manhattan most of the other event specialists were running things from this van as well.



Roosevelt Island Fireworks July 4

I probably had the most fun at this one. Charlie and my sister were both able to attend. I was running the check-in area and then general do-girl once that closed down. There is this great insane asylum ruins on the island that we had to pass to make it out to the point. We could see the barges that lit the fireworks just in front of us and everything we did on the island was coordinated through walkie talkies with the fire department.
Yonkers Riverfest

This was a very interesting day. Started out in the morning with a torrential downpour but with my friend Jeff and Charlie, we were able to get everything set-up in spite of the heavy rain. It was wet and soggy for most of the day which probably affected the turnout but it was a good event nonetheless. This is a pic of the end of the day concert. We had to leave shortly after to catch the last train to the city.

All of these fantastic memories thanks to Public Works, Inc. Lewis rocks the party!

Monday, January 8th … but it’s never too early to trash talk, right?