Fragmented Self is meant to be a personal experience of the web sphere. It seems that I and many others have so many user names and passwords that we need tools to manage them. We don’t just create a single identity like the one we carry around in our wallets. We create multiple identities because we are told it is more secure and safer.

I am a social subscriber. I will subscribe to pretty much anything that is free and useful. I will also come up with a variety of different user names and passwords. I have some that are iron clad with symbols and numbers and the whole bit. I can easily cycle through 10 different user names depending on the year the account was made. I have an especially hard one for my bank account and a relatively easy one for my junk mail account. At this point, if a site does not provide a “Forgot your password” link, I don’t sign up.

That brings me to the Fragmented Self project I am which I am designing this blog around. I am a member of a variety of communities. Social memberships, reference tools, research, reading, learning…you name it and I probably have a user name.

So with all of these names in space. How can I connect them again? How do I manage my identity and re-centralize my presence. My idea – to blog about the interconnectedness of web tools and services out there. Who connects to who and how can you use it? First stop, Word Press.