ImageSCVNGR has graciously given me access to an educational license with full functionality until January 2013. In exchange I will write a blog post about the experience and will submit the post to SCVNGR for their general use. I’m excited to actually connect all of the pieces for the game through SCVNGR as it will serve as a central application for game play.

Asset Progress: The logo for the overall story has also been created and an acronym for the name is currently being developed. G.A.T.O.R.S. will be the an independent agency for amateur sleuths created by Hunter and managed by Sophia. WhereIsAlbertaREADME created.

Location 1 – J. Wayne Reitz Union Game Room. 

Participants receive a GATORS Flier from the game desk (or the information will be on the website as well). The flier contains instructions for initiating the game and downloading applications (i.e. SCVNGR and LAYAR) along with how to use them. It has the G.A.T.O.R.S. club logo at the top but no further information about the club. A link to the introduction game video (and first clue) is on the flier as well.

Scene 1

YouTube Video: (G.A.T.O.R.S. Reitz Union)

[Like a news anchor]

Sophia – “Calling all G.A.T.O.R. club members. We have received a recent case. It seems that Albert tried to contact Alberta while on his way to get her chocolates but she can’t be reached.  They were supposed to meet at the Reitz Union for dinner but she didn’t show there either. Albert searched inside for clues, but the only clue he got was text from a strange number. I’ll put up the text now.”
Text – Tag! You aren’t as clever as you think. I know exactly where Alberta is. I even took a picture of her. Betcha can’t put the LAYARS together!
Sophia– “Well that’s kinda cryptic. I have a feeling this might be the work of Sherringford and company. Looks like it’s up to G.A.T.O.R. club to find Alberta. Maybe that photograph will give us some clues afterall.  It looks like it is somewhere outside the Reitz Union doors. I bet Sherringford was actually talking about the LAYAR application you downloaded. Hmph, he is always very interested in the club technologies. Let’s find this pedestal and scan it with the LAYAR app. Oh and if you are having trouble you could always try one of the SCVNGR challenges instead. My brother Hunter is already on the case and set those challenges up to help us catch up….but …he always makes you work for it. Your choice, LAYAR or SCVNGR.”
Text – Open Layar or Scavenger to complete this location and receive a clue to your next location.

H1 We Are The Boys (SCVNGR)

Place: Outside Reitz Union
Points: 5 (*points used only for Hunter badges)
Description: Take a picture of you (or your friends) singing “We Are The Boys” or giving your best gator chomp outside the Reitz Union. Then upload your photo.
Type: Photo


    • Images:  We Are The Boys Words.png
    • Audio: We Are The Boys.wav


P1 J.Wayne Reitz Pedestal (LAYAR)

Place: J. Wayne Reitz Union pedestal

Description: Locate the J. Wayne Reitz pedestal in the picture. Open the Layar application and scan your camera over the pedestal. Sophia will then beam further instructions, a link and/or video to your device.



Scene 2

YouTube Video:

Script [Like a news anchor]
– “Looks like we can confirm that Sherringford is behind this latest case. He has a bad habit of boasting about it on his Twitter account. But what’s good for us is that he included this puzzle in the tweet. I’ll put it up for you now.”Text [Puzzle] – Rebus of “North Lawn Seal”

Sophia – “The answer to this puzzle should be our next location. Let’s find the answer and scan the area with our LAYAR app. Oh and if you are having trouble you could always try one of the SCVNGR challenges instead. Hunter is always two steps ahead of us… but we’ll catch up soon. Your choice, LAYAR or SCVNGR.”
Text – Open Layar or Scavenger once you have figured out the puzzle and are at that location.

H2 Check the Seal (SCVNGR)

Place: North Lawn Seal

Points: 5

Description: Once you find the answer to Sherringford’s rebus puzzle, visit the location to find out what year the University of Florida was founded. Then enter the year here to get points.

Type: Specific Text Response

Answers: 1853


    • Image: Reitz Union North Lawn


    • Done – How about them Gators?! This University has been around a long time. Check out [Insert “new Sherringford video” URL] for another clue.
    • Incorrect – Try again. You could always use Google if you get really stuck.
    • Fail – There is something wrong with the matrix. Try back again later.

P2 North Lawn Seal (LAYAR)

Place: North Lawn Seal

Description:  Locate and scan the North Lawn Seal using the Layar application.



    • Link to Geo-layer with “new Sherringford video.” (To be created later)