I know 2008 is technically the election year…but would you believe that some states actually have a Presidential primary in January. The nerve of them! This means we should be thinking about what we will do now and since I know we live in a bit/byte world…here’s a few bits, (pun intended) which offer a few more for your education arsenal.

I stand by the belief that everyone is entitled to have their own, just please place your beliefs in an educated mind. <Quote – Phun Chang>



The lineup I am watching would include Ron Paul (R), Mike Bloomberg (R), Hillary Clinton (D), John Edwards (D), Bill Richardson (D), Barack Obama (D), Al Sharpton (D)

Edwards, Clinton and Obama at the debate.

Presidential candidates (from left to right) Mitt Romney (R), Barack Obama (D), Sam Brownback (R), Bill Richardson (D) and Ron Paul
Which presidential candidate has the best website?