Hello to anyone reading this. I wanted to post my thoughts somewhere unobtrusive out there but still able to be viewed if anyone wished to glimpse at a day in my life at this moment. Thank you for reading if you choose to. Today I spent the majority of the day sleeping (an off day of my usual frantic job hunting). I had just finished a successful interview yesterday and I have one tomorrow. So, a way to make myself feel better about my situation is to remind myself that there are others out there much worse off right now.

So I found myself watching CNN/NBC and discussing the gas crisis to family and friends. Then I hopped on my opiate (the Internet) and began wading through the crap that is out there. I found some gems of course. And here they are for your viewing pleasure or distaste. Note: unless stated I do not fully condemn nor condone any of the sites listed. Some are just there as a glimpse into the craziness that this earth is filled with. A look into the face of counter culture.

redcross.org || of course you all have been to this site
godhatesfags.com || Thanks God for Katrina link…this whole site gives me the shivers. A simple Whois lookup (http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/) or a glance at the title shows that this site is truly owned and operated by some rouge Topeka, Kansas Baptist Church spouting hatred. Be warned.
Washington Post: Katrina || The Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com) is pretty cutting edge when it comes to new media news reporting.
sptimes.com || My old standby. Number one newspaper i visit
LA Times Article || NBC, Viacom is having their own telethon tonight without Fox, ABC or CBS who are doing a combined one on Friday. Yeeesh, can’t we all just get along.

I also visited the BBC, CNN and NBC sites but the above were my most interesting finds. The things that get me are the comments and mentality of some “they had it coming” people out there. And so I wrote the following comment at my time killing portal i-am-bored.com.

Survival of the fittest is an animal instinct and it should stay at an animal level. Survival of our history, cultures, brothers and sisters is what makes us human and humane. It defines us. It distinguishes us from the rest of God’s creatures. Learning from our mistakes is what makes us intelligent beings. But most importantly our love and compassion are what we need to survive.

And so losing any piece of ourselves as humans is devastating in any fashion. It should always pull at the heart of any intelligent, compassionate being. It cannot be forgotten lest we make the same mistakes. What happened in Lousiana, Alabama and Mississippi tears a piece of me just like the Tsunami, 9/11, Rhwanda, Chiapas, Hiroshima, the Holocaust, the Plague, Slavery, the Inquisition and many others do. Loving and caring for one another is not an option it is an obligation we take as the highest life form on this earth. Use it wisely and we will all be here for many years but resort to animal instincts and we will surely destroy one another.

May God keep you all always in the palm of his hand. (9/1/2006)