How google maps got him out of a traffic ticket
I know everyone is used to “yahoo maps” or better yet, “mapquest” but I assure you that neither of these are up to par (yet) to what Google Maps has to offer. You can get there by simply going to, you guessed it, Click on “Maps” and have at it. You can also download Google earth where you can plot your life path from your very first neighborhood to now. If so tech inclined, you can go even farther by posting this map to one of your many life websites. Google Earth

While I’m on that subject. I have decided to start a little project I’m calling “fragmented self.” Surprisingly, this website name is still available. I would like to bring all of these fun and fabulous web communities that I am a part of back into one central place. The web decentralized the control of my media messages (and thus my free time and almost every waking moment) into fragments for easy consumption,, development and grouping. My love of online video allows me to pick and choose what I want to see AND when I want to see it. I’m a part of the youtube community. I’m also an (active) part of many other communities such as i-am-bored, google, yahoo, zoom, myspace and friendster, etc…and I have the 300 junk e-mails a day to prove it. Although the junk mail never ends, there are some redeeming qualities to all of these segments and that is what I want to hi-light. Bringing everything back in under my control and not just fragmenting myself but being able to put me back together again. Maybe it’s just me holding on to the old but I’m just not prone to multiple personalities.

At any rate, this has become a little too long winded for a blog. I’ll cut it here with this – “The more the data banks record about each one of us, the less we exist.” ” ~M. McLuhan