Hello everyone!
I recently checked the Google labs to see what’s cooking and found that Google has seen the way of the future. For all of you beginning web design people…close your ears, er eyes. For all the vet design people out there, shrug it off…it’s not like everyone creating a site with the Page Creator can add much interactivity and hand made personalization …….yet.

For everyone else who wants to create a web page but thinks they need to know a bunch of HTML….read on! No HTML needed!

In Beta
Google Page Creator!

Also Google Sets!
List some items and Google will tell you some more! I tried books of the Bible to see what it does.

Disclaimer – You need a gmail account and a cell phone with text messaging. I have neither one…yes, I know I live in the Stone Age because my phone doesn’t accept text messages. As such, I have not tested it out but it looks pretty good. I refuse to get a gmail account….it’s too spooky and invasive to me…but that’s just me :o) Plenty of people have them and use gmail every day. You needed a junk mail account anyways, right?!  Perhaps I’ll open one just to use as a junk mail  account and test it out. :o)